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Miami to Havana Overnight Cruise in 1929

Havana Miami CoverIn the first half of the 20th century, cruising to Havana was a big part of Miami’s tourist trade. Here’s a brochure from the Clyde-Mallory Cruise Lines from approximately 1940…

Paris of the Western World
Separated by only a few hours of luxurious steamer travel, Havana and Miami present almost opposite characteristics. In Havana, the Latin temperament predominates and to the American every phase of the sophisticated Old Spanish City is foreign and romantic. At the races, at the Casino, about the historic old fortresses and Cathedrals, in the gaiety of the carnivals or the spell of evening concerts on the Malecon, at the roof gardens or cafes along the cosmopolitan Passeo de Marti—everywhere romance and chivalry dwell—beguiling the visitor into a new world of pleasures and (more…)

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Cubana Airlines Miami to Havana

This is a Cubana Airlines Lockheed-1049 Constellation. Cubana flew these magnificent airplanes in the late 1950s on numerous long-haul routes and also on their overnight “Dinner Flights” between Miami and Havana (more…)

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