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The next time you have lunch at Cafe Nexxt on Lincoln Road Mall look to the east and you’ll see where the Lincoln Center Hotel was once located. It encompassed the main entrance on Euclid Avenue and the entire hidden courtyard area where many shops and beauty salons are located today.

This art deco brochure is from 1938…

Lincoln Road

Brochure from Lincoln Center Hotel on Lincoln Road -1938

Here’s how the brochure describes the hotel…

THE LINCOLN CENTER HOTEL, one of the newest, is ideally located in a tropical setting of exotic beauty on fashionable Lincoln Road, the “Fifth Avenue of the South,” amidst smart shops and beautifully landscaped streets, truly in the `center’ of all worth while activities. THE LINCOLN CENTER HOTEL offers a really distinctive address for those who care. (more…)

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Never a Dull Moment in Miami


For their visitors Miamians have made easily accessible the wide reaches of multi-hued water, the chief beauty spots, the wonderful bathing beaches, by building a marvelous Causeway, taming jungles, dredging channels and constructing more than 700 miles of fine motor highways. To the natural advantages they have added a multitude of facilities for outdoor recreation and sport of every kind, and annually arrange a program of unique and satisfying entertainment features. It is their proud boast that Miami is the liveliest winter resort in America. (more…)

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The Carillon was one of the premier hotels on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach during the early 1960s and is still lovingly remember by former visitors for its lavish nightlife productions and stage shows.  (more…)

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Miami by the Sea

Here’s an interesting advertisment from 1923

Miami, the city of adventure and tropical wonderland, where business cares and worries vanish under the spell of glorious sunshine, invites the world to enjoy the magic of fun in myriad forms, in 4 the most (more…)

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